Rewilding the City

architecture and untame urbanism

Species Focus: Gulls

Another summer, and with it comes the latest stories of aggressive gulls attacking pets, children and the elderly. In January of this year this blog discussed the urban food chain and … Continue reading

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Space to go Wild

The concept of rewilding is hard to grasp without knowing the normal range over which wild animals roam. The chart below shows the territories of some common Irish species alongside well-known Dublin parks … Continue reading

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Wildlife Crossings: Reconnecting the Landscape

With the improvement and expansion of road and rail networks comes the division of the landscape with man-made structures. Age-old animal migration routes and habitats are suddenly interrupted, leading to … Continue reading

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Ruin Porn: Architecture gone feral

It’s difficult to write about ruin and dereliction in cities without mentioning Detroit; the city which many automakers call home was hit hard after the economic crash of 2008, with … Continue reading

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A Guide to Ireland’s Native Trees

When it comes to planning areas to rewild and in particular tree-planting, the required data on native tree types, their growth rates and size, is often found scattered through various books, reports … Continue reading

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Indoor Children and the need for wilder playspaces

While the value of biodiversity in itself may be enough to persuade some to join the rewilding cause, the positive effect the wild has on humans adds weight to the … Continue reading

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The Rising Cost of Flooding

Last week, landscape architect Cathal O’Meara gave a talk to the Irish Landscape Institute entitled “Flood Resilient Landscapes,” which documented his own work along the Blackwater River as well as … Continue reading

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Dividing the Landscape: Zoo Architecture Part 2

The previous post on Zoo Architecture looked at the design of zoo enclosures, and asked whether sculpting natural landscapes in the same way could be a solution to the question … Continue reading

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